Universal Super M.B. Plough

  • Universal Super Mould Board ploughs are equipped with Shear bolt protection to prevent any damage to the tynes or plough frame if the mould board hits a rock or hard root in the field.
  • Universal Super Mould Board Ploughs are designed to work in most types of soils and can be used easily in hard soils and in cultivated/harvested areas.
  • Universal MB Ploughs can handle the toughest ploughing jobs with ease.
  • Compatible with a variety of tractors.
  • Equipped with special wear-resistant alloy steel blades and Boron steel bar points.
  • Heavy duty frame with high ground clearance makes it easy for the plough to work in fields with a lot of harvested crop residue.
  • Mould Board extension can be provided for a better control of slice when extra deep ploughing is required.
  • Available in 2, 3, 4 & 5 bottom configurations.
  • The high quality bar points can be moved in their slot for complete utilization.

Other Variants