Universal Implements Warehouse

Our manufacturing plant at Karnal, Haryana (India) is spread over about 7 acres (30500 sq. feet) of land is equipped with a variety of high precision machinery and a full team of qualified and experienced Managers, Engineers and Technicians.

We have in-house product designing and development using sophisticated 3D designing software and every new product that we develop undergoes thorough field testing under a variety of conditions. We also employ machines and processes such as Shot blasting and Powder coat painting for long lasting and great looking product finish. Our dedicated process and quality control setup with stringent quality checks ensure that our products are much more resistant to wear and tear and last much longer.

Gear And Parts Manufacturing

We have in-house manufacturing facility of bevels, spur gears, axles, shafts, gear boxes, hubs etc. using advanced machinery like CNC, VMC, HMC, Milling, Broaching Machine, Shaving etc. All the components are thoroughly checked strict tolerance.

Assembly Line

Our assembly lines, including gearbox assembly and mounting, are set up with the best manufacturing practices in mind to ensure accurate and trouble-free assembly of machines.

Powder Coating

We have in-house powder coating facility that leaves a durable robust finish that will stand up to the harshest environments.

Research And Development

We have an in-house R & D department for new product development, ensuring the implementation of the latest manufacturing practices and product attributes.

Shot Blasting

We understand that surface preparation is a critical step in the manufacturing process. That's why we use a variety of techniques, including shot blasting, to ensure that our products have a clean and even surface before further processing.

High Precision machinery

Our utilization of high-precision machinery enables us to create products with precise cuts and minimal waste. We employ laser cutting machines along with other CNC-controlled machines to ensure the production of highly dimensionally accurate parts.

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