Sub Soiler

  • Universal Sub Soiler is ideal to lift and shatter the hard bed pan that builds up under soil due to compaction over time.
  • Improves soil drainage. Improved soil water retention during dry season. Greatly reduced risk of water run-off during heavy rain.
  • Improves soil fertility. By improving water penetration soil nutrients are more easily available to the plant. Moist soils heat up more easily during spring increasing in turn the development of soil microbes beneficial to plant growth.
  • Optional wide range of roller/crumber available, which help in breaking lumps into smaller pieces. It also helps in depth control and steady running of the Sub Soiler.
  • Adjustable depth & width.
  • Optional dragging ball type attachment available with shoe assy.
  • Reversible & replaceable sloped point.
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 Arm sizes.