U-Series Mounted Offset Disc Harrow

  • Universal U-series Mounted Offset Disc Harrows are offset disc harrows with pipe frame that ensure excellent operating stability, increased weight per disc and much longer product life.
  • Heavily weighted gangs provide excellent stability.
  • Compatible with a variety of tractors.
  • Can be used for both, surface disc harrowing (superficial ploughing)and intensive deep ploughing.
  • Used in open field working for shattering of clods, preparation of soil for sowing and burial of organic substances and crop residue.
  • Perfectly balanced cutting angle for best ploughing results.
  • Easy to transport in mounted condition using the tractor lift.
  • Available with plain as well as notched boron steel discs.
  • High Quality bearing and hubs ensure smooth operation and put minimal load on the tractor.
  • High Quality seals prevent the entry of mud and water into bearing and hubs.

Other Variants