Medium Duty Hydraulic Disc Harrow

  • Universal Medium Duty Hydraulic Disc Harrows are high performance, Heavy weight harrows designed to work easily in toughest operating conditions.
  • Easy to transport on the tires using the hydraulic system.
  • Can be used for both, surface disc harrowing (superficial ploughing) and intensive deep ploughing.
  • Used in open field working for shattering of clods, preparation of soil for sowing and burial of organic substances and crop residue.
  • Available with the options of high carbon steel discs and high quality boron steel discs with 46-50 HRC hardness.
  • The long lasting and reliable tires and hydraulic mechanism enable the operator to control the cut depth and facilitate in easy transportation.
  • High quality bearings and hubs ensure smooth operation and put minimal load on the tractor.
  • High quality seals prevent the entry of mud and water into the bearings and hubs.

Other Variants