U-Series Rotary Tiller

  • Fast and Economical Rotary tillers built for cultivated medium soil conditions.
  • Special rotor design and helical blade arrangement puts much less load on the tractor and hence, saves fuel.
  • Gear drive, Multi speed gearbox. Compatible with 540 and 1000 PTO RPM.
  • Suitable for use in dry as well as wet land conditions also for soft and medium soil conditions.
  • Heavy duty PTO with shear bolt for gearbox overload protection.
  • Easily adjust the cutting depth by using the side skid depth adjustment.
  • Comes with specially made Universal Super high quality boron steel blades that lasts much longer than other regular rotary tiller blades.
  • Available in L and C type blade options.
  • Innovative bearing housing and seal design prevents moisture / mud entry which results longer bearing life.
  • Distinctive implement and gearbox design makes the implement much lighter and thus, puts on minimal load of tractor.

Other Variants