Reversible Mounted Disc Plough

  • Universal Reversible Mounted Disc Plough are equipped with strong hydraulic turnover mechanism that ensures a smooth plough turning action & Self disc angle adjustment.
  • Universal Reversible Mounted Disc Plough are well designed to work with all type of soils & can be handle the toughest ploughing jobs with ease.
  • Compatible with a variety of tractors.
  • An adjustable and spring-loaded furrow wheel/coulter disc takes care of the side draft and makes sure that the implement moves smoothly. .
  • Available with the option of high quality Universal Boron steel discs that last much longer than regular steel discs.
  • Highly adjustable disc penetration & disc position angle for use in medium and soft soil.
  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 bottom configurations.

Other Variants