Super Vertical Spring Loaded Cultivator

  • UNIVERSAL Super vertical spring loaded tillers are heavy duty cultivators designed for toughest tillage operations.
  • It is used to stir, loosen and aerate the soil. Break up the clods of soil and cut the weeds on the soil surface. 
  • Can also be used to mix seeds or mineral fertilizers spread on surface and hoe plant lines after making necessary adjustments.
  • When one tyne strikes a buried object, the others continue to work at correct depth.
  • It is used for secondary dressing of soil and preparing the seed bed.
  • Cuts the crop roots and Improves the distribution of water.
  • It keeps the moisture of soil as it does not process the soil by overturning and it hoes and airs by adjusting the changeable tyne distances.
  • It comes with heavy duty fabricated tynes and high quality duck foot shovels.

Other Variants